About the Journal

The Academy Journal of Science and Engineering (AJSE) was conceived by the Faculties of Science and Engineering of the NDA in November, 1999.  It was established for learned contributions from Academy staff in the two faculties as well as contributions from other institutions within and outside the country. AJSE publishes articles on well researched theoretical, experimental and analytical papers in all areas of Science, Technology and Engineering.

Current Issue

Vol. 16 No. 1 (2022): Academy Journal of Science and Engineering (AJSE)
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The Journal is committed to the promotion of scholarship and dissemination of knowledge. Every paper intended for publication in the Journal is required to show convincing evidence of scholarship and to make some definite contribution to knowledge in the development of Science, Technology, and Engineering.

Short communications, Technical or design notes, and book reviews are also acceptable for publication in the journal. The Journal has a Management Committee made up of the Dean of Science, Dean of Engineering and Technology, Dean of Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Editor-in-Chief. 

The management Board oversees the Journal's activities and is responsible for any major decision. 

The Editorial Board reports directly to this Board through the Editor-in-Chief.

The Academy Journal of Science and Engineering (AJSE) set out from the beginning to publish annually. The first volume was produced in 2001. It could not, however, publish annually due to some challenges in receiving and processing journal articles.

All articles submitted for publication are evaluated by three independent experts in the relevant subject areas. The three reviewers must recommend that the article be published before being considered by the Editorial Board which also subjects the recommended articles to further screening. An article shall be accepted if two reviewers recommend minor revision. An article is reconsidered in the circumstance of two major revisions and a minor revision. 

Production of the Journal

Due to the technical nature of the articles (equations, tables, diagrams, and graphs) in Science and Engineering, typesetting is done by competent hands supervised by the Editorial Board to ensure quality before production. A reputable Publisher is selected to handle the production.

Circulation of the Journal

Circulation of the Journal is handled by the Business/Circulation Editors. A complimentary copy of the Journal is sent to the contributors of articles published and to selected institutions/individuals. Copies are also sold to graduating Cadets and Postgraduate Students of the Faculties of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, and Faculty of Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies,  as well as the general public.